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Fun Games 2020

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Fun Games 2020

Fun Games – Games with a twist,…..many TWISTS.

8th and 15th February, 2020…..two Saturdays….full of fun, laughter and serious competition. Days eagerly awaited by students and teachers alike since the concept of Fun games was announced in January. At first there was disappointment that the Annual Sports Day would not be held, then came the apprehension when the concept of fun games was announced but as the days grew near, excitement knew no bounds.

The aim behind holding this event was to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and team-building in a co-ed atmosphere. Std. V to X had only team events, each member had to carry out a task, any slacking resulted in loss. The designed tasks were more about skill than strength, and so each team was a combination of boys and girls. This is to inculcate equality of tasks at home and outdoors. Even the drill was held together for all houses, though they were judged as individual houses for their marching too.

8th February, 2020 dawned bright but had a nip in the air. Since all events that day were for Pre-Primary and Std. I to IV, Students of Std. V to X were present as cheerleaders. All dressed in their house colours, making absolutely clear whom they support.

Excitement, zeal to out-perform and frolic hung in the air. Laughter could be heard everywhere. Some falls, some drops, some misses did result in a few tears but all was accepted in the true spirit of the games.

For the first time Pre- Primary too had a short drill with balloons. They were heartily cheered by all.  This was followed by drill with colourful fans by Std. I to IV. While the cheer and applause died down the seniors readied the tracks for the events like Santa Claus Race for Nursery to Helping mom and saving water for the others.

15th February was warmer and it was now the turn of Juniors to cheer their seniors. Excitement abounded, from the March Past to the drill and all the events that followed the roar of the audience only increased, culminating into the final event, the tug of war. All teams were equal in skill and strength and there was loud cheering by the students and teachers alike for their house.

How morning turned to afternoon, nobody remembers. The sheer happiness on everyone's face along with the dust and various other stuff was a truly a sight. As we ended each afternoon with the National Athem, there was a sense of a day well spent in the true spirit of sportsmanship for the honour and glory of our great school, S. M. Batha High School.

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