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Annual Athletic Meet 2018-2019

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Annual Athletic Meet 2018-2019

The Annual Athletic Meet 2018-19 was held on 19th January, 2019 on the S. M. Batha High School Grounds.  

The day dawned chilly with temperatures just reaching double digits, still by 8.30am the ground was filled with enthusiastic students and their parents.

The Chief Guests, our beloved Trustees were escorted to the dais by the Student Council in a superb display of disciplined marching on the beat of our very own School Band.

While the school flag was hoisted by our Trustee, Mr. Nallaseth, the salute by the houses was taken by our Director of Education and Principal, Mrs. Bhavnagri.

Heats took place a week prior and every student had to compete for every event. The finals of the field events like Discus, Javelin, Shot Put were held prior. The preparations for the March Past as well as the Drills began in December itself alongside the regular academics. Teachers were ever present, choreographing, innovating, encouraging and guiding the students to excel that tiny bit more.

From the butterflies of Primary to the foot tapping music and aerobics of the Secondary it was an event of fun and colour.

Pre-primary and primary had fun races and the bloopers therein had everyone laughing and cheering. Track events saw stiff competition as did the popular Tug of War. Students cheered their houses till were hoarse. This lead to Naoroji House (Girls and Boys in Yellow) winning the House of the Year Cup – Sports.

It was nearly 2pm when the concluding march past by the whole school, 444 students took place before the Meet was declared closed and the school flag was lowered. It was an amazing sight, Nusery, Jr. KG and Sr. KG trying to compete with the older classes for marching discipline. Even after a full day of competing and cheering the ground was full of energy as if demanding ‘ONCE MORE.’


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