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Annual Sports - 2023

Posted on: 2023-03-04    Event Date: 2023-02-07    Posted by: admin    Attachments: Download

Annual Sports - 2023

This was an extra special day, Annual Sports after 2 years and that too to celebrate our 100th year.

Ex-students from India and abroad attended with the fervour and pride equalling that of the current students even after 60+ years for some. Dr. Patel, the eldest ex-student was our chief guest this fine morning anlongwith the members of the School Management. 

March Past and Drills, Races, all had neck to neck competitions and thrilling finishes for current as well as ex-students. 

But most touching was the pride with which the ex-students formed a squad and marched alongwith all the students for the closing ceremony. A beautiful end to a lovely week of sports that started with the Hirabai S. Batha Valleyball Tournament on 30th and 31st January, 2023.


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