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Student Council 2019-2020

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Student Council 2019-2020

Student Council 2019-2020

Our Director of Education and Principal, Mrs Bhavnagri, awarded the badges to the Student Council 2019-2020.

All the teachers and students assembled in the Hall for this ceremony.

The Council is selected Our Principal and teachers based on capacity to support and encourage other students and ensure fair competition during all co and extra-curricular activities of the school.

The council consists of The School Captain, School Vice Captain, School Sports Captain, School Vice Sports Captain; the four Houses have a Captain, Vice Captain and two prefects each. These 20 member team is selected from Std. VII to IX.

 The Captains of Students Council 2018-2019 hand over the school and house flags to the new Captains at the end of the ceremony; this is to say that as we step down from our duties; we hand over the honour and welfare of the school to you.


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